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Connecting the metaverse
to the real world

Roji is the web3 platform for businesses to integrate digital infrastructure with the real world.

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Increase value and retention

Integrate NFTs into your products and services

Expand with Web3

We enable businesses to build a Web3 utility layer and expanded experience for their customers, integrated with their existing product lines and services, providing them a meta layer for the real world.

Digitally integrated physical goods or even tangible assets like homes or cars, can generate magnified revenue, efficiency, retention, and value through Roji-enabled capabilities such as chain of ownership authentication, post-sale customer management, generative value creation, and more.

This expanded functionality is enabled by our suite of proprietary NFT formats, management, and logistics tools.

Digital Twin Features

  • Digital registration, authentication, and logistics of physical items and real world assets.
  • Minting of specialized NFTs and Web 3 objects enabling custom functionalities tied to each item or asset.
  • Expanded customer experience, analytics, and management of the integrated objects and their owners.
  • High-volume distribution, interaction, trading, and generative value.
  • Community development, benefits and offerings accessed via digital ownership.
  • And much more...

Made for Every Business

We make it easy to create your own digital twin NFTs for your products, assets and services, seamlessly integrated into your core business to deliver capabilities and scale only possible with web3 technology. Doesn't matter if it is just one or millions, we got you covered and do the heavy lifting.

What makes the internet powerful is that it allows us to jump into a digital realm to do things that we can’t do physically and take the results back into the real world.

Martin Wawrusch, Roji CEO & Founder

Who is Roji for?

Roji has been designed to allow seamless integration of NFTs into your products, and as individuals, to easily consume and work with those NFTs.

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For Brands and Businesses

Mint Web3 objects that can track, interact, and provide benefits tied to physical items and real world assets, with a comprehensive suite for onramp, provisioning, management, and analytics.

For Individuals

Go beyond what you thought you could do with NFTs. Our wallet has been designed to support NFTs that interact with the real world.

For Developers

Use our clonable smart contracts for NFTs, tokenization and real world integration. Connect to Web2 APIs and use our white-labeled Widgets.

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