ROJI - Creating the Future of Ownership

Digital Asset-Backed Securities - Simply the easiest way to create liquidity for your portfolio of tangible assets.

How Does It Work?

Roji is a blockchain-based Digital Asset-Backed Securities platform that allows you to take your physical assets and create digital certificates, a.k.a tokens, that represent a fractional right against that asset. These tokens can be issued to third parties, and after a required grace period, freely traded.

  1. 1
    Setup your legal structure

    You can use your existing company or create SPVs in your preferred jurisdiction - our legal partners will help you select an optimal strategy.

  2. 2
    Add your assets to the Roji platform

    Our dashboard makes this process super simple. Upload media and documents related to the asset and set price and number of fractionalized tokens.

  3. 3
    Start selling

    Once published you can sell your tokens to your intended target audience in a legally compliant way. Monies are routed directly from the client to your account.


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Business Development

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Community & Social Responsibility

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User Experience

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Keith Herman

Founder IPA Equities

Keith Herman, founder of global investment firm IPA Equities, is an entrepreneur, investor, strategist, board member, advisor, speaker, writer, mentor and advocate for blockchain technologies and numerous charities. He has owned and created more than 50 businesses over the past 30 years in 6 different industries primarily in the fields of technology, finance, and real estate. Over the course of his illustrious career he has raised over $500 Million for his own businesses

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Mike Prasad

CEO Tinysponsor

Mike Prasad is the Founder & CEO of Tinysponsor, the world’s first programmatically-addressable and inventory-driven marketplace for influencer and content sponsorships. While Mike has a diverse background as an entrepreneur, VC, and digital strategist across brands and digital media, he is perhaps best-known for his role in launching the worldwide social media food truck phenomenon as a co-founder at Kogi BBQ.

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