Shrink-Wrapped Tokenization of Real-World Assets

A building block for #DeFi. Use wrapped real-world assets as collateral and store of actual value, with daily streamed payouts.

Blockchain Agnostic

Ultimately ROJI is designed to be platform agnostic. Initially we focus on Ethereum Layer 2 solutions, starting with Polygon (formerly Matic).

Legally Compliant & Transparent

We handle the ongoing legal aspects of having real-world assets mapped onto the blockchains. Relevant filings and data points are stored on-chain in an NFT alongside the fungible tokens representing an asset.

Daily Streamed Payouts

Our technology supports daily payouts of wrapped stable coins or ROJI Coins. Imagine you build upon income producing assets that give you a daily payout with a well defined risk-profile, all on chain.

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Solving the Trust Problem

Assets wrapped by ROJI are represented by real world corporations, based in the US. ROJI provides a SAAS service and legal templates to ensure compliance and up to date information on the supported blockchains.

Ecosystem Compatibilty

  • ERC-20, ERC-777, ERC-1155

    Our tokens are designed to integrate into the existing ecosystem. Take advantage of #defi products for loans and insurance.

  • Ethereum Layer 2 for inexpensive and fast transactions

    Formerly known as Matic, Polygon is the leading provider of Ethereum Layer 2 solutions and our rollout partner. You can learn more about Polygon at


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Mine ROJI Coins by issuing assets

Become an issuer and receive ROJI Coins for assets issued as fractional NFTs.

A real security

Each ROJI Coin represents 10,000 preferred shares in ROJI, Inc. This allows US citizens and residents to invest and gives you real participation rights.

200 mil supply, low inflation

The initial supply is fixed at 200 million ROJI Coins, with a low annual inflation to provide for the mining pools.

Want to learn more?

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What are Fractional NFTs?

Our NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) represent real-world assets. Those NFTs are fractionalized into fungible parts similar to the crypto tokens you know.

Is this legal?

At the core of ROJI we focus on global legal compliance, both from an issuer and a buyer side. We have some of the most renowned legal experts in the field on our board to ensure that every token that is issued on our platform is 100% legal.

How does ownership work?

In very basic terms: We are wrapping the assets in an SPE which is fancy term for a company whose purpose is to only hold that asset. As a buyer of fractional NFTs you buy shares into that company, aka DABS - digital asset backed securities. That means you enjoy the same rights as if you would invest in any other company and the legal protection of the United States law.

Who can buy my assets?

Depending on the kind of asset the initial offering might be restricted to accredited investors in the US and investors outside of the US. Regardless, most assets are fully tradable by anybody after one year of issuance.

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